– Raspberry glitter– Sour Cherry
– Lemon Juice– Lemonade
– Dip Dab


Add 25ml Corky’s Raspberry Glitter, 25ml Corky’s Sour Cherry, 15ml lemon juice into a shaker with ice. Shake, top with lemonade, and enjoy over ice, garnished with a Dip dab.

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Cocktail of the Month

Corky’s Blueberry Muffin


– Blueberry glitter– Vodka
– Blueberry Jam– Gingerbread monin
– Cranberry juice– Lemon


Add 25ml Corky’s blueberry glitter, 25ml Vodka, 10ml of Gingerbread monin, 15ml lemon juice & a teaspoon of Blueberry Jam into a shaker with ice. Shake, top with 50ml Cranberry juice, and enjoy over ice.

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Milly Mojito

A classic twist on the mojito

50ml Corky’s Raspberry Glitter, 25ml white rum topped with soda.
Credit to Milly- Milly Day Dreams


Corky’s blueberry glitter

25ml Corky’s Blueberry glitter, 25ml vodka topped with lemonade and Blueberries.
Credit to Tilly Jayne